Glass Specialist

Motif Glass’ range of aesthetically pleasing, Colour Coated Glass brings the beauty of exceptionally well designed glass into any residential or commercial space. We have also developed an equally stunning range of Mirrors to both complement and enhance these areas.

Our inspirational range of Resin Panels is also highly popular with something to suit all tastes and preferences.

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  • Bespoke Glass

    Motif Glass’ dedicated design team have the vision and innovation to transform your ideas into reality with our bespoke glass solutions.

    We have the technology to couple your designs and colours creating a truly unique showpiece.

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  • Kitchen Glass

    Traditionally, Kitchens have been a no-frills environment, hidden away from the rest of the world. Not anymore!

    Motif Glass' Kitchen Range of Splashbacks, Upstands and Worktops have been designed to add fun to the contemporary kitchen by making it a more inhabitable, easy to clean space without taking away any of its conventional functionality.

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  • Bathroom Glass

    Coupling modernity together with hygiene, colour and style, Motif Glass' range of Bathroom Solutions can be tailored to meet any requirements, from Shower Wall Panels, to Bath Panels and even Flush Plates.

    As you would expect from Motif, we offer the same rainbow of colours as we do for our kitchens and can also match colours to suit individual tastes and preferences.

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  • Radiators

    Style, innovation, chic - all words associated with any Motif Glass Products and our Range of Radiators is no exception. In addition to their efficient heat transfer, our Radiators allow you to modernise any room of your home, hotel, business, or gymnasium. The Radiators can be subtle additions to a room or bring a focal point to one - the decision is yours...

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  • Office

    Motif Glass provide an attractive, considerably elegant solution to workstation dividers. The glass not only makes the office space look better but also allows you to completely customise the divider with your own company logo and insert the company’s Core Values, Mission Statements and provide a dry-wipe surface for all of those emergency notes.

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  • Resin

    Motif’s Architectural and Decorative Resin Panels have been specifically developed to blend vibrant colours with naturally occurring materials and textures to create aesthetically pleasing panels which can transform your environment. Our robust and versatile panels come in various designs and sizes, which can be customised to suit your individual design requirements.

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